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Our Purpose - To provide a kids safe Christian environment, playing good clean games. While keeping their minds on Jesus Christ word. We have provided a way to play Christian Preaching Sermons, or Christian music as a choice while playing the games.

Our Vision - To reach kids, teens, and families with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Goals - Teaching Bible Studies added with the games. To teach kids to discern between right and wrongs in the entertainment area. Using the Bible Scriptures as a rule base.

Christian Shockwave Games

List of Christian Safe Shockwave Games Online, you can play for free
Click on any word in the menu's and it will take you to
your game loading. Loading time for Flash is 1 to 3 minutes,
depending on size of game and your computer speed.

Once the shockwave game is finished downloading,
you can turn off your internet connection
and play the game offline.

CHRISTIAN SAFE RULES No games containing witches or witchcraft, demons, monsters, aliens, graphic violence or anything ungodly will not be offered. Keeping Jesus first in our life, while having good clean family fun!

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Cartoon People Games

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