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* Revelations Chapter 6
The Four Horses
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Example of our Space Bible Battle
* Lunor Events Are Blessings From Jesus

A Prophecy Song From The Heart Of Jesus
To His People That Loves Him Isaiah 40 Take Comfort My People

Live Weather Reporst And Bible Information about the Weather


	G	         C		         D
	Lord, there's no other name I know so deserving 

                                G       D
        of the praises that  we bring,
	    G	 	   C                 D
	And Jesus, we will celebrate Your name 

        and let the trumpet sound the  Year of Jubilee!
	       D             C
	We can sing, all the debts have been forgiven!
               D             C                      G
	We can sing, all the slaves have been set free!
               D             C                  G
	We can sing, all the broken hearts are mended!
	      Em               C       D     G
	We rejoice in You, our Year of Jubilee!

Words & Music by Dave Morrow
© 1993 Dave Morrow

Permission is granted to copy, distribute, and perform for noncommercial personal use.
You must secure specific permission from the copyright holder to use in a paid performance or for other commercial purposes.
Matthew 10:8

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