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Jesus Gives Us Healing
Hawaii, USA

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Bible Triva
Question: Does it ever Snow In Hawaii???

Answer: Most people never thought the trophic islands of Hawaii never
saw snow in winters! But knowing our Heavenly Father God of Jesus Christ
blessings of revival started in the hearts of the people of Hawaii.

Purpose Of God Sending The Snow:

God decided to end the drought years and pour His Grace of snow apon
Hawaii. And his Christian people broke out in song singing......
Jesus please make us white as snow.

This is a True Weather History Fact!

PROOF: Look closer to the pictures in this Theater Slideshow. Do you see the snow covered Hawaii Volcano? Yep, that is the same day in Hawaii, that most of the Christian Churches repented and God Blessed their land. Hawaii Snow Winter 1005

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"Jesus Hear My Cry For Healing"

Bible Scripture Song: "Hear My Cry "
Psalms 61

Hear My Cry O Lord, Please attend unto my prayer. From the ends of the earth, I will cry unto you. When my heart is overwhelmed, Please lead me to the rock. That is higher than I. The help that is higher than I. repeat song Music & Words by: 1980 Maranatha Music Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Calif. All rights reserved. International copyright secured. Used by permission.

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Acts Chapter 2

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