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Love One Another
Two Together In Christ

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Bible Song :
"The Goodness Of The Lord
Brings Us Together!"

Your Goodness Oh Lord
Verse 1:
       D2/F#                G
 As we enter through Your gates,
	    D2                  G
 and Your presence fills this place.
	   D2/F#                 G              Asus A G
 It's with thankful hearts and gladness we have come.
       D2/F#                   G
 As we fill Your courts with praise,
	   D2            G
 and we bless Your Holy Name,
       D2/F#              G             Asus A G
 May a joyful shout be heard in all the earth!

	Em   D2/F# G  Asus A      Em       D2/F#       G  Asus A
As the generations pass,     Your truth and mercy will last.
	 Em       D2/F#  G   A              D2/F#
For Your goodness to us Lord,    will never end.

Words & Music by:
1993 Dave Morrow Permission is granted to copy, distribute, and perform for noncommercial personal use. You must secure specific permission from the copyright holder to use in a paid performance or for other commercial purposes. Matthew 10:8

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