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Christianland Space Station TV
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Christianland Puppet Theater TV Show Credits
Christianland Space Station

Produced By : Vickilynn Shotwell Ver Steeg

Directed By : Tom Ver Steeg

Written By: Marilyn Shotwell , Tom Ver Steeg, Vickilynn Shotwell Ver Steeg

Special Music

"Psalms 19 Medley" By Jason Klein & Dale Quimby

"Psalms 33 By The Word Of The Lord" By Jack Marti & Peggy Dense

"Fly Me To The Moon" By Bart Howard

"I Will Tell The World" By Ray Bolz

CLLI # All Rights Reserved

Special Graphics

Opening & Closing Title Graphics - Vickilynn Shotwell Ver Steeg

Fireworks Around The World RIVER SONGS SHOCKWAVE

Special Space Photo's by NASA

Rocket Blastoff Film by NASA
(used with permission)

The Christianland Space Station
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